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Frequently Asked Questions

If I utilize Safe Call Now, is the information confidential?

Yes! Safe Call Now is covered under the Revised Code of Washington (RCW) 43.101.425, which holds communication to our line confidential.

Is Safe Call Now subject to Public Disclosure or Freedom of Information Laws?

No. Safe Call Now is an independent incorporated organization and not under the jurisdiction of any public/governmental agency bound by Public Disclosure/Freedom of Informtion Laws. 

Is Safe Call Now really a nationwide service? Why the 206 prefix?

Safe Call Now is based in Washington State; however, we do provide assistance to first responders and their families throughout the United States. As a Washington-based organization, we keep the 206 for our history and provide greater levels of confidentiality to those who use our line.

Who answers the line for Safe Call Now?

When calling Safe Call Now, a Peer Advocate will answer the line. All our Peer Advocates are current or former first responders with a passion for helping those they serve alongside. Our Peer Advocates are trained to listen and provide callers referrals to services as appropriate. 

Is this a 24-hour service?

Yes! Safe Call Now has an on-duty Peer Advocate at all hours of the day and all days of the year. Just as first responders work tirelessly to provide services to the community daily, so do we. We are always available to assist when it is needed. 

Does Safe Call Now charge / What are the costs of using Safe Call Now?

Safe Call Now does not charge for our services. For those who use Safe Call Now for assistance, know we will never charge you. If you need assistance, please call us!

However, if we connect you with services (such as a culturally competent counselor in your area), they may charge for their services. If money is a barrier to receiving counseling, drug/alcohol treatment, or other services, please discuss it with the Peer Advocate; we can try to work with our partners to lessen the burden (such as finding a culturally competent counselor who works on a sliding scale fee schedule). Furthermore, we try to work with partners who are in-network for most insurance providers, which can lessen the financial burden on the first responder and their family.

What services are offered by Safe Call Now?

Safe Call Now can assist first responders and their families in a variety of ways and try to meet whatever needs are present for the person calling. Everyone is unique, and the needs of those individuals vary widely. Peer Advocates can offer a supportive ear, have difficult conversations, or assist callers to appropriate resources. These resources most notably include counseling services, in-patient drug/alcohol treatment, outpatient drug/alcohol treatment, as well as various other services as needed. Regarding drug/alcohol treatment, know Safe Call Now has vetted these organizations and works with those who can best assist those in need. 

How can I volunteer?

Thank you for asking! Safe Call Now constantly seeks qualified Peer Advocates to assist fellow first responders and their families. We have a page with more information related to volunteering that can be found here. >>Click Here<<

How can I donate?

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