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Safe Call Now works with treatment centers and behavioral health providers around the nation to identify and implement best practices in wellness and recovery for first responders. As part of this work, we provide training and support to the staff of treatment centers and other professionals in wellness and recovery for first responders. Treatment centers who complete this or a similar training are eligible for national certification and recognition as a leading facility for first responders: A Center of Excellence.

In our quest to work with and support these Centers of Excellence, we are currently accepting sponsorship applications for Safe Call Now’s Inaugural Advisory Council.

The Advisory Council includes professionals and organizations nationally who are committed to health, wellness, and the first responder community. Members guide the work of the Advisory Council and are critical to helping us raise the quality of care and service for first responders on a national scale.

For more information on training please email

For more information on joining the Advisory Council, please contact Marva Diaz at

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