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First Responders and Medical Professionals

For first responders and medical professionals, Safe Call Now offers the following:

Make a Confidential Safe Call Now

  • Safe Call Now operates it’s a confidential call line that operates 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, every day of the year. Trained call takers, most of whom are current or former first responders, are there at all times to assist and support you and members of your family. Your call is always confidential: (206) 459-3020.

Training and Peer Support Services

  • Safe Call Now offers numerous training programs for individuals, groups, peer support teams, and administrators. These customizable programs are national award winning and include our Emotional Body Armor, RAM Program (Rapid Assessment Mitigation), and Bulletproof Training series.

Individual and Group Training

  • Our intensive one and two-day workshops for individuals and groups identify issues which manifest while working on the front lines and can lead to many issues including trauma, relationship management, finances, mental health, and substance abuse. These workshops are designed for first responders, medical professionals, and their family members. Areas of focus include addictive behaviors, co-dependency, family interactions and systems, and trauma in any form. Participants examine the barriers and experiences that influence and reduce their capacity for a happy, healthy life and career. This experience will reveal how painful life and job experience, when unaddressed and untreated, can hamper growth and block the ability to form bonds.

  • While there is a stigma associated with reaching out for help or reaching out for help, our trainings are designed to overcome these barriers. They are designed to empower first responders to look within and confront issues (both on and off the job) such as trauma, co-dependent relationships, setting healthy boundaries. They will learn to access a variety of tools to increase self-esteem, improve emotional and behavioral management, and to create a tactical personal self-care plan so that they can be successful in their personal and professional lives.

Peer Support and Leadership Programs

  • Our Peer Support and leadership programs include intensive trainings for peer support teams, critical incident stress management (CISM) teams, field training officers (FTO), trainers, mentors, clinicians, medical, chaplains, dispatch, and other individuals who supervise and respond to critical employee incidents and employees in crisis. Course participants engage in individual and group dynamics to study core areas of personal and professional distress. The course also introduces innovative strategies for early intervention that can help to avert peer crisis based on proven and effective methods.


  • Programs designed for Administrators are appropriate for Executives, HR managers, and union officials. Participants receive an introduction to the Safe Call Now crisis response model and assistance in developing wellness models, and strategies for building partnerships between agencies and their employees.

  • Custom consultation, including designing and implementing employee mentoring and support programming is available across all program types

Wrap Around Case Management

  • What happens after therapy or treatment? We design plans, models and assist in locating aftercare specifically for the first responder and their family members who have completed treatment. This includes coordinating with providers and other nonprofit organizations to ensure access to appropriate after care.

First Responder Support Program (FRSP)

  • In 2019, Safe Call Now joined forced with Responder Health as a partner in their First Responder Support Program (FRSP) – a holistic solution that supports of first responders and those working in the line of trauma – as well as their family members. This program provides preventative wellness, support in crisis, access to specialized inpatient and outpatient treatment, and other ancillary services that ensure confidential, complete solutions and is available as a service to municipalities, unions, trade associations, and benefit trusts.

For immediate assistance, please call our crisis line at: (206) 459-3020.

For more information on support and training services, please email

For more information on FRSP, please contact Chief Dan Phillips (Ret.), National Director of Responder Health, at (469) 872-8062 or

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